It took me 51 weeks to hit the best-seller list .

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With a week left in 2015, I reached a 19-year goal: write a book, and get it on the best-sellers list.

After months of help, dozens of rewrites, and hundreds of meetings, what emerged is one of my proudest accomplishments: What Wakes You Up?

After its release, I sat down to reflect on the things I’ve learned, not only from this process, but also from my entire journey this year.

15 Things I’ve Learned In 2015

1.Put family first — and it’s a good thing that friends can count as family. Find the people that matter to you, and keep that circle close; always opt for a handful of real friends and valuable relationships.

How to get from where you are to where you want to be this year.

It took me time off from school, three companies, 200 flights, hundreds of meetings, thousands of dollars, dozens of sleepless nights, and all of my family and friends to help me realize what it’s all about: waking up each day fired up — doing the work I’m meant to be doing, and living the life I’m meant to be living. Here’s a taste of that.

The month of September is full of new beginnings.

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For most, it is back to school, back to work, and back to the days of moving so fast, we forget about the bigger picture.

For those who celebrate (and for those who don’t), September also brings about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New-Year. Many write down resolutions in an attempt to recreate and renew. We gain clarity on our goals, values, priorities, mistakes, successes, and more. …

Two brothers come together to reflect on their upbringing and discuss the impact ‘Mom and Dad’ had on their success. By Joshua and Justin Lafazan.

Woodbury, NY, May 11, 2015 (Newswire) — ​​​​​Your parents don’t decide your fate, but they certainly do contribute to it. There’s a reason that when a person achieves notoriety in a particular field, the media moves swiftly to report on their upbringing. It is for this same reason that when those around us point out our most significant accomplishments, we are quick to reference our parents.

This op-ed is co-written by Joshua Lafazan and Justin Lafazan. We wanted to say thank you to our parents for their many years of sacrifice and devotion. Additionally, we wanted to share the knowledge instilled in us from our Mom and Dad with parents raising children today. …


Justin Lafazan

21. Justin Lafazan co-founded Next Gen Summit and published the best-selling book What Wakes You Up? (Dec, 2015). Author, speaker, investor, entrepreneur.

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