Why gundam in Singapore is so popular

When I’ve started my journey of playing and exploring gundam in Singapore, the obsession of gundam Singapore enthusiasts was much lesser than what it is now.

So many people have now got into the world of gunpla Singapore and are buying and playing with gundam kits in Singapore that have not been in this overwhelming number back then.

Recently, I have been asked by one of the readers of this blog an interesting question. He asked me the reason of why gundam is so popular in Singapore?

The question is interesting for 2 reasons:

  1. I know so many countries around the world where no one has even a remote idea about what gundam and gunpla is. I’m not talking about small countries in fact. Even big countries where hobby gaming is highly popular otherwise are not really aware about gundam.
  2. On the contrary, as I have mentioned above my own experience of looking at the amazing rise in number of enthusiasts who are now interested in exploring gundam in Singapore.

This makes the question very interesting and worth pondering what could be the reason that gundam has become so popular in Singapore? Its not merely important because its interesting in fact. The question is very important for new gundam enthusiasts who have either started their journey of exploring the world of gunpla or are looking forward to do so. Even the seasoned gundam lovers, sometimes need to know to re-affirm themselves about their choice of spending time, money and efforts with gundam.

Why is gundam in Singapore so popular?

Here are the reasons I think why gundam in Singapore is popular:

Accuracy and precision in detail:

I sometimes get amazed myself by looking as the superb detailing and precision of gunpla parts and gundam kits, in terms of their engineering. As you scale your grade up such as




and so on, the engineering, technologies and mechanics keep on getting better and better, whether manipulator joints or hydraulics and inner mechanics, for instance.

MG 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode

is one of these marvelous technologies that looks pretty powerful and promising.

The charm of creating and building things:

Human from ice age has always been interested in creating and building things. The world of gundam Singapore in this case gives the hand to create superb things and create something really fantastic that you can be proud of. In fact if you ask those who are gundam lovers will tell you that the excitement of building amazing gunpla is the number one reason they love this world.

Singapore hobbyists are cool:

Above two reasons are in fact valid anywhere, but then there are places where gundam isn’t even known, Playing is entirely different case. The only reason I can think of for this, which is indeed true is that the people in Singapore are just so cool and full-of-life. Hobbyists living in Singapore have embraced this remarkable piece of hobby and given their valuable time, money and focus, which is why gundam in Singapore is such big and trendy.

From what it looks from here, this industry is only set to grow in the coming time. There are some really wonderful technologies in gundam kits and gunpla coming over that do in fact have the potential to further penetrate the charm.

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