Where does poop go?

The average human excretes 2lbs every single day. There are 325 million people in the United States. That’s 650 million pounds of shit every single day, just in the US. That’s over 700 Statues of Liberty. Where the hell does it go? Is there some gargantuan poop mountain somewhere? Do we really drink poop water? Or swim in it?

Here’s what happens, assuming you’re hooked up to a city sewer line.

  1. You poop and flush.
  2. Waste and water go through your pipes into an underground sewer.
  3. That waste flows to a wastewater treatment facility to undergo treatment to remove the solids from the water
  4. The somewhat cleaner water then flows through several treatments to remove bacteria. Chemicals are also used to remove phosphorous and nitrogen from the water. Chlorine is added to kill any remaining bacteria.
  5. The now 90% clean water is discharged into lakes and rivers.
  6. The collected poop gets deposited into a landfill or is incinerated.

So that’s it. Your poop is either burned or in a landfill somewhere. Now you know.

Edit: According to an inside source, some of the waste is injected into the ground to fertilize fields for animal feed. But not feed used for human consumption. So have no fear. While feces is buried and burned, you are not eating an animal that ate a plant that grew from poop fertilizer.

Side note: If you’re ever trapped on a desert island with a field, seeds, and no animals, you know what to do.