Keep Rocking — Rocking Chairs for Everyone

Not literally though, but finding unprecedented comfort and coziness in that one corner of our rooms is the best thing to happen when you are off work or at rest or for your loved toddlers and elderly. The utmost comforting seat or chair with soft support under the knees, adjustable support are now available in high, medium and low back models.

Relaxing seats that fit your body size — in three custom variants

High Back Rockers

Worried about your personal comfort and relaxation, High Rockers provide support for the whole body, including the shoulders, neck and head. These are the ideal rocking chair for seniors as well as people with a 9 to 5 shift, on that not so comfortable corporate office chair.

Rockers with Nursing Kit

Rockers available with nursing kits are the most comfortable chairs for mothers (the expecting ones especially) and nursing mothers — these nursery rocking chairs are portably designed for the purpose of helping you deal with nighttime feedings (space to sit back and glide your head while feeding), place your phone, medications (zippers and pockets) and probably everything you need while sitting down with a baby.

Low and Medium Back Rockers

Sitting in these broad rockers is fun when you want to sit back for hours watching a movie with pizza and popcorn (tastes good together), having invested on some support for your back. The medium rockers provide body support and the low rockers are specifically designed to support the lower back, so no more staggering back pain after a good session on Netflix.

Why Rocking Chairs are Ideal?

Sitting in a rocking chair can be rejuvenating for a tired body and can ease anxiety; such is the case that in 1955, former US President John F. Kennedy was prescribed a rocking chair by his doctor to alleviate his chronic back pain. Moreover rocking can tap into the parasympathetic nervous system swinging away inert emotions and spreading positivity within.

Repetitive actions of using a rocking chair can help deal with anxiety and depression; it can also improve balance and the need for pain medications in senior citizens. Overzealous rocking can stimulate the vestibular system, the part of the body that helps us maintain balance.

It is also beneficial for someone recovering from a major surgery to use rocking chairs rather than ordinary furniture. Rocking chair therapy has been used for easing lower back pain, constipation, abdominal pain for C-sections and bowel dysfunction following surgery.

Surgeries cause stress to the body and rocking in a chair calms this response.

Author’s bio: The author is an avid blogger and the article talks about the various benefits of rocking chairs to add to the excitement in a living space.