Lessons From Day 3

I have truly come to appreciate Git’s value after working remotely for the second day of boot camp. I can’t help but wonder how exactly it is I managed my projects locally without it. In some way, It’s a refreshing experience to finally get the hang of it. There is not only some sense of security in knowing that your code is safe and you can recover it from any place and anywhere, but also a better workflow to the day’s tasks.

Today I got to explore further use of APIs in programs. Using a public API I managed to come up with an application that allows the user to search for any movie reviewed by the New York Times paper. In the process of doing that I encountered difficulties with encoding issues while trying to deserialize the response JSON. Eventually, I found the problem to be with my command prompt and PyCharm settings.

Another important aspect today was collaboration. I got to learn much from other people’s ideas. Also in the process of taking the time to try to help get someone else’s idea to work so as to expand my thinking rather than replace it with my own.

Finally, the system tends to be intensive as observed in my earlier posts and hence it has cultivated a sense of self-management in me. Especially where the are no programs to really keep me in check but for the few outputs that need to be delivered by the day’s end. Time also tends to fly by quickly when one is busy yet even software developers have to achieve some level of work-life balance.