My Andela Experience — Day 2

Before Andela happened I had the idea that ‘real’ software developers were people whose entire lives could be summarized in a simple sentence: code, coffee, and more code. By ‘real’ I meant people who had actually made anything that could be presented to someone else. I pictured software developers having no more than one or two friends. Let’s say for example Ted and Josh, Ted being the guy’s computer! A lot of stereotypes have being done with since my first experience. Frankly, I have never seen a more bubbly workplace, the soft skills people have here are great. Being at boot camp has been an enlightening experience especially in matters relationships.

Day one of boot camp was smooth. I got attached to a great team with a great Learning Facilitator. Boot camp is basically where potential is turned into ability. I enjoyed the interactive sessions. I have to say that I had missed the free food Andela offers. There is a professional approach to everything here including the kitchen. I love the food. Period!

I think the biggest challenge in boot camp for me is commuting. The long hours in traffic are very draining and one cannot take out his/her laptop and just code. Unless you are in the mood to lose it quickly. However, I am told that Andela fellows do not necessarily use public means. It does make sense in promoting productivity so I look forward to it.

Finally, my experience with boot camp so far is that it is an intense experience. Last times outputs are not good enough, I have to constantly grow and produce better and better.