Enabling, as the word is improperly used in the field of psychology, is a power-over strategy.

If I do things for you which you now have the potential to do, but not yet the power to do, and my doing prevents the realization of your power to do the same, then you will always stand in need of me. And your need gives me power over you. Just as my need gives you power over me. Mutual need gives each power over the other. The reality of duality is that both parties, in any given relationship, need each other. A division arises from the illusion that one does not need the other.

The idea of an eternal God within the context mortality is the idea of man, which is the idea of masculinity, which is the idea that one of two parties does not need — and that party is man. Man does not need. Woman does. This idea of a split is manifest physically in his and her genitalia. Need is emptiness. At her core, woman is empty. At his core, man is full to overflowing.

This idea extends beyond a husband & wife to a masculine God & a feminine world. With His coming, God gives us a fullness of life, and that more abundantly.(1) But neither we, in our intimate relationship with God, nor woman, in her intimate relationship with man, hold power over (H)him, because (H)he does not stand in need. While “it is not good for man to be alone”, (H)he can be alone and still be whole; she, however, cannot be both alone and whole. So say their bodies.

This idea, manifest physically, gives the appearance of division. But, it is only an appearance. Just as we appear to be mortal, so only women appear to need men, and only the world appears to need God. But, we are not mortal. We are immortal. And men need women. And God needs the world.

(H)he needs her so much that (H)he, for love’s sake, would come into her and there, sacrifice His life, that she might conceive (with knowledge), and give birth (to power).

Which is why God does not enable. Because His purpose is our power; and our weakness is only a means of achieving it. Behind the appearance of power-over, there exists a reality of power-with. The inheritance of the children of God is joint.(2) God’s people may be His bride, but she bears a man-child.(3) This man-child represents a disciple’s spiritual power and ability to act in the process of creation, just as man physically represents power and the ability to act in the process of procreation. This man-child’s destiny is to grow into the full stature of his Father, Christ, the Bridegroom.(4) Our man-child is knowledge, which is power; and, in His fullness, He will penetrate worlds like God now penetrates ours. However, to grow into his fullness, he must be given the opportunity to perform. This is why we do not self-actualize by Grace alone. Our works, feeble as they now may be, over time, mature into Godliness.

If God did all of the things for you which you now have the potential to do, but not yet the power to do, He would prevent the realization of your ability to become like Him. This would also perpetuate an illusion that God resides in a power-over state of existence, which He does not, because no such state, in reality, exists. True enabling(5) is a power-with strategy.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

1 John 10:11

2 Romans 8:17

3 Revelation 12 & Isaiah 66:7–9

4 Ephesians 4:11–14

5 to make able; give power, means, competence, or ability to