Dear Mormon Man, tell me what you would do.
Amy McPhie Allebest

Great question! This was a great read. I love the inversion! And, I love the sincerity I’m projecting into your question, “what would men do if placed in women’s shoes?” It’s an important question. What would men do if they were called women by a male God? What if admission into discipleship cost men their masculinity? How would each male member of a feminine Zion feel if he were compared to one of 10 female virgins, asked to take upon himself the name of his Bridegroom, build his Bridegroom’s kingdom, and submit cheerfully to all things this Man sees fit to inflict upon him? How would he feel about being powerless in a marriage, unable to alter this Man’s will? How would he react to the idea that he is nothing compared his Bridegroom, even less than the dust of the earth? How would he feel about being helpless to (spiritually) support himself? dead-in-the-water if this Man ever chose to withdraw His (spiritual) support? How would men of God feel about the idea of being dependent, interdependent at best, and in no way independent? How would they feel if spiritual freedom came only through the funnel of submission?

Now that I’m thinking about it, what would Christ do if placed in a woman’s position? What if Christ’s position in the eternal, circular story of creation were at the bottom of the circle, in the Mother position? What if He were submissive to The Father? and what if that arrangement were never ending? What if Christ was told by The Man to silently submit, and as a sheep before *her* shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth? What if Christ is to The Father what LDS men are to their Bridegroom what LDS women are to their bridegroom? What if masculinity always brings femininity through the veil, and entry into God’s kingdom is a collapsing order of gender role playing, with wives following a bridegroom following a Bridegroom following The Man through the same veil to the same place with the same reward?

These are some of my questions. If you ever find answers for them, perhaps you will find the answer to your own.