If you speak Japanese, God will speak to you in Japanese.

If you speak German, God will speak to you in German.

If you speak English, God will speak to you in English.

We all speak a language of power-over. This patriarchal paradigm of the flesh, embraced by the Old Testament, is the language God speaks in order to reach us all where we are. It is less a projection of our collective mind, as spiritual gurus have said, than it is a message delivered for our collective mind.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s official Word to the world. Because “His” Word is tailored to “every kindred, tongue and nation”, it is written in the language we speak: a language of power-over, of time, and of death. In this language is the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented to an unbelieving world, which is to say, to a world who believes in power-over, in time, and in death.

When one begins to believe in Christ, one steps through a veil out of the Old darkness of womb and into the light of the reality of love. With each such choice, one begins to see the sharing of power, the length of eternity, and the impotence of fear. The more one steps through the veil of spiritual rebirth, the more one begins to experience the Matriarchy, which is to say the Mercy, of God. The patriarchal, ruthlessly conditional voice of God becomes understood within a matriarchal, unconditionally loving context. We transition from “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” to “Lovers in the Arms of a Delighted Goddess”. By Him do we know loss; by loss do we know Her.

A New voice is heard by believers of Christ: namely, the feminine voice on the other side of the veil where, together, an Old, hard, strait rod grows cushioned within the New, soft, circular arms of One whose purpose ever was our happiness.