Those who can’t do…

Has anyone else noticed the massive number of people who you can pay to teach you how to do your thing for a living, which is their thing that they do for a living, which is why you’re paying them to coach you…


Are they really making a living at your thing? Or are they making a living from teaching people how to do your thing while not actually doing your thing themselves?

Because if they are making a living from your thing how do they have time to teach so many people how to do it, and why do they need to have a side gig?

Steven King has no writing course on his website.

He did write a book on writing which is called “On Writing.” It’s not just about writing. Great read.

But here’s the thing: people who are making a living doing your thing don’t have a lot of time to teach you to do your thing. They’re busy doing their thing.

Maybe they’d take a few folks and mentor them, but that’s usually free. Doesn’t take much time.

Lots of folks who are allegedly doing your thing for a living have a lot of time on their hands to teach you how to do it.

Or am I wrong? I could well be and if I’m being a jerk feel free to tell me. I can take it. Happens a lot, actually.

Still, how do they have time to do their thing if they’re spending much time at all teaching other people how to do it?

Are they like artists on university faculties? Making a living from teaching and making next to nothing comparatively from their actual work?

When you dig around, it’s almost like the things you’d really be able to get paid to do, like coding, for instance, are things you almost never have to pay to learn.

Often the people who are teaching you to do your thing have no evidence whatsoever to show that they actually do your thing themselves. They’re like sports commentators who never actually played the game.

It doesn’t mean they’re not worth it or that they’re wrong about how to play the game.

But it seems like a good idea to take care when paying for advice from someone who used to do what you’re trying to do now… or who never really did it at all.

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