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You just explained exactly why I support the Senator.

How Senator Sanders intends to fix the bus is to enlist his supporters in replacing the existing congress with a new one. He’s made clear more often than I can count that he cannot be expected to fix things on his own, which was Obama’s problem. Obama let people think that electing him President was all they needed to do.

No so with Senator Sanders. He has made clear that not one bit of his agenda is possible unless we, the movement behind him, make the choice to remove from office those legislators who block progress, regardless of party affiliation, and replace them with people who have the urge to make progress.

So, yes, you’re right. Sanders can’t do what he wants to do without a major overhaul in how the government works.

Which is why the core of his campaign is the replacement of as much of the existing government as is legally allowed in November.

Health care? Clean energy? Free college? Whatevs. Bernie wants to overthrow the government.

And that audacity is why I support him in his campaign for President.

By the way: It’s also why I will never support Clinton. She would just be more of the same mediocrity that has been the hallmark of Obama’s administration. Might as well vote for my cat.

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