3 signs you should be using kanban in your software development projects

Flexible project planning, consistent and continuous development, and optimized task visualization. Yes, kanban can! Explore why you should be using kanban in your Software Development Life Cycle.

Are you looking to change your software development project management or just want to learn more about the different Agile frameworks available? In this post we’ll discuss why you should be applying kanban to your software development projects and explore some of the the differences between kanban and scrum methodology.

Kanban as we know it today is a project management and scheduling system that intends to eliminate waste within the manufacturing process. Japanese for “visual signal” in the literal sense of the word, the English-term “queue limiter” most closely captures its real meaning. Kanban has its roots in Lean production, originally put into practice by car manufacturer Toyota in the 1940s, but has since become an important scheduling system in other industries, including software development.

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