4 reasons why Justinmind lets you add as many reviewers as you want, free

How Justinmind’s Share and Get Feedback features help you communicate seamlessly with your team, optimize your user testing process and fail forward, for FREE

UX managers aren’t known for being big spenders. They find a tool they love and want to get everyone on the team involved. But more often than not, they’re put off by the price.

The cost of UX design is often thought of as an abstract concept when actually it’s perfectly measurable. And when design tools put a price tag too large on their most precious features, design suffers.

Here at Justinmind, user needs are a no-brainer. Our Share and Get Feedback features are here to give creative teams exactly what they need, for free. Unlike other prototyping tools, Justinmind doesn’t charge you to share your prototype with your colleagues as reviewers. Everyone can give feedback, swap ideas and innovate. That’s what we’re here for after all.

Here are 4 reasons why we don’t charge for web or app prototype reviewers.