Choosing A UX Strategy That Suits You And Your Users: Agile Vs Lean UX

There are so many UX strategies and techniques floating around our world of all things web these days — it’s a wonder we see eye to eye on anything. When it comes to the right UX strategy, there is no one size fits all, no right answer. We should opt for what works best for our business, and for our users. Today, we’re talking about how Agile and Lean UX strategies can help or hinder your software development.

It seems that the advent of Agile UX and Lean UX has led to some confusion for a lot of us, and in everyday tech conversation, a lot of us use these two terms interchangeably. Indeed, both fit into the expansive concept of new user experience design tools, but what’s the difference between the two?

Essentially, Agile UX produces a more polished product whilst Lean UX produces multiple products of increasing polish. Let’s dive right in to the details!