Design Thinking at Ericsson: Q&A with Global UX Lead Didier Chincholle

Didier Chincholle, Global UX Lead at Ericsson, talks Justinmind through the planning, prototyping and blue-sky thinking Ericsson uses to create compelling user experiences.

Far from being buzzwords, Design Thinking and User Experience are key to how Ericsson designs and delivers products. The Swedish ICT and software behemoth brings a user-centric philosophy to all things digital, from the Internet of Things to networked cities. And so far this approach seems to be working for Ericsson, as their 30% marketshare (according to the Wall Street Journal Group) and presence in almost 200 countries attests. Justinmind is excited to be one of their prototyping tools of choice, so we caught up with Global UX Lead in Business Unit Support Solutions Didier Chincholle to find out more.

Didier is passionate about user experience. Since 1997 he’s been a key member of the UX team at Ericsson, and has gained hands-on experience in every step of the design process, from customer research and prototyping to production and usability testing for all devices. We spoke to Didier about how he and his team use Design Thinking to create digital products that deliver intuitive and tailored experiences to users, and the role of Justinmind as a prototyping tool in that process.

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