Our collaborative prototyping platform on your servers

In our most recent posts we’ve spoken about the awesome collaboration prototyping tool that you can find in Justinmind. It was an instinctive move for Justinmind to step into the enterprise realm so that you could enjoy all the fantastic teamwork and collaboration features of the PRO version on-premise. Today we’d like to show you how you can implement Justinmind Enterprise on your own servers, and all the advantages it can bring. Let’s have a look at the main Justinmind Enterprise’s features and how this version differs from Justinmind PRO.

Secure collaboration on your own servers

The most significant change from Justinmind PRO is that Justinmind Enterprise lets you drive the prototypes on your own servers, without uploading anything in the cloud. This means that it can be used across all teams behind the corporate firewall, enhancing security and further protecting your app or web prototypes from unwanted access. On-premise storage and file sync and sharing will keep your web or mobile prototypes totally safe. Furthermore, Justinmind’s platform can be configured to comply with your specific needs, integrating with your security policies.

Advanced user management

With Justinmind PRO, you’re already managing users who access and review published prototypes. Justinmind Enterprise goes a step further and helps you maintain full control and easily manage repositories, users, permissions, roles, and access levels across all of the teams in your organization. Additionally, you can integrate the collaboration platform with your LDAP to streamline the user login process.

Centralize and synchronize assets across your teams

Thanks to Justinmind Enterprise, you will be able to easily standardize your assets across the organization, thus enhancing brand consistency. As in our PRO version, the main designers can create the UI components and widget libraries following the brand guidelines, and import them in Justinmind. New with our Enterprise version is the ability to share them with the team and manage them centrally, so that everyone is automatically synchronized to the latest version.

Requirements Management integrated with prototypes

As we’ve said on various occasions, the business world doesn’t speak the same language as the software world, and this often creates a communication gap. Requirements definition has always been a problem in software, leading to misinterpretation and failure to meet the client’s expectations. With Justinmind these risks can be minimized not only by easily building fully interactive high fidelity prototypes, but also thanks to Justinmind Enterprise Requirements Management features. Among these, you’ll find versioning requirements, integration with 3rd party tools, and requirements categorization, that will allow the creation of high-fidelity prototypes that reproduce all the requirements, simulating end-to-end flows. This will let you check prototype and requirement status, in order to easily confirm that each requirement has been implemented, thus providing a link between prototypes and requirements from early on.

Integrate with your existing tools

And we have good news for all you developers out there: you can use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate with 3rd party ALM tools or extract information from the prototype and generate any output. You can also extend Justinmind’s functionality and add your own options to the main menu. The plugins developed using the Justinmind Plugin SDK are completely owned by you. Just another way to integrate and adapt Justinmind to your organization’s needs!

Setup services and expert support

We’ve been commended by our users for the excellent support we provide, and to show our appreciation we wanted to go the extra mile. With Justinmind Enterprise you’ll always have our team close by for dedicated and priority support. Additionally, together with our expert partners, we’ll provide training, mentoring, and consulting services to help you kick-start the prototyping process with Justinmind.

With a complete overview of Justinmind’s versions, you’ll have a better idea of which one best fits your needs and those of your organization. Below you’ll find a comparison table between Justinmind FREE, PRO and ENTERPRISE. We’d also recommend checking out our case study section to learn more about how other Justiminders are using the app in their organizations. And of course you can always get in touch if you want to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!

Originally published at blog.justinmind.com.