Prototyping at Basecamp: An Interview with UI Designer Jonas Downey

Prototyping, project management software and awesome user interfaces. All in a day’s work for Basecamp’s Jonas Downey.

If you were looking for the most popular and lauded project management software around, you’d be hard pressed to find one with more glowing reviews that Basecamp. Described by CreativeBloq as “the grandaddy” of project management tools, Basecamp helps teams stay on the same page about whatever they’re working on, through a unique bundle of features that provide everything you need to get a project done — tasks, discussions, files, and deadlines all live together happily in Basecamp.

We wanted to find out how the designers at Basecamp stay ahead of the curve, so we spoke toJonas Downey, who has been product designer with Basecamp since 2011. As well as generating awesome interfaces for Basecamp, Jonas contributes to their blog Signal vs Noise, enjoys playing around with apps and making pancakes. We spoke to him about designing intuitive UIs, managing software development projects, and how prototyping helps his team stay at the forefront of software development.

Read the interview here!

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