UX strategy and prototyping workshop with Jaime Levy

UX guru Jaime Levy leads our upcoming workshop on conducting user experience strategy, aligning it with prototyping and business goals. And the best part? The workshop is completely hands-on and interactive.

This August 16th, LA-based User Experience Strategist Jaime Levy will combine forces with Justinmind to offer a workshop on aligning UX strategy and business concepts through collaborative prototyping. The workshop will help professionals such as Startup Founders, Designers, UXers, Product Managers and Business Analysts who want to leverage methodology and data to define business-centric UX.

A known influencer in UX circles, Jaime heads a consultancy called JLR Interactive, which caters to startups and enterprises, helping them transform their business concepts into innovative and scalable online solutions. She conducts UX workshops worldwide and is a part-time college professor at the University of Southern California.

What’s in the workshop

After an introduction to UX strategy given by Jaime Levy, we’ll practise with a made-up value proposition of an online product so that you can learn the steps you need to take for informingstrategic UX-centric decision-making. All participants will then sketch an app process for that product. The best sketch will be transformed into a fully interactive, hi-fi prototype by the Justinmindteam, who will demonstrate how interactive prototyping helps to minimize the risks of a software development project and to reduce development costs.

Find out more and sign up here!

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