Web & mobile prototyping, UX, product management: February’s 6 best posts

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February has been a great month over here at Justinmind HQ. We updated our prototyping platform to version 7.7, we wrote some great guestposts for UXmatters and UsabilityGeek, and we interviewed experts from Zendesk and Yelp. Inbetween all the excitement, we also found time to read up on everything product design, prototyping, wireframing and UX-related online.

In our list of February’s best posts, you’ll find awesome content such as Nick Babich’s discussion on mobile animation and UI design, 22 free ebooks for UX/UI designers (23 if you include Justinmind’s free enterprise UX eBook!), and Shaun Russell’s reflection on product management challenges.

3 key uses for animation in mobile UI design

Animation, says Nick Babich, is not longer a user interface option. It’s a functional requirement. In 3 Key Uses for Animation in Mobile UI Design, Nick examines the link between animation and both the functionality and emotional impact of a mobile user interface. Nick posits System Status, Navigations & Transitions, and Visual Feedback as three areas in which animation can add tangible benefits to a user’s experience of an app. As always there are lots of great examples to back up the arguments, and explanations of core concepts. This post is great for anyone looking for more information on why they should use animations, and some key tips on mobile animation best practices.

Time to read: 5 minutes

Takeaway thought: “Visual feedback is crucial for any user interface. It makes users feel in control and for the user, control means knowing and understanding their current context in the system at any given time.”

Things nobody told me about being a Product Manager

Shaun Russell did his research before becoming a PM — peer-learning, workshops, reading and more reading. But none of that prepared him for the truth behind being a successful Product Manager: it’s hard! In a 15 minute presentation, Shaun muses on everything he’s learnt from fellow PMs and from his own experience. His ‘existentialism for product managers’ covers topics such as ‘the trouble with stakeholders’ and ‘finding your own meaning’ in your career. If you’re looking for a Dao of Product Management, or if you just want to manage products more efficiently, then Shaun’s video is a good place to start

Time to watch: 14 minutes

Takeaway thought: “Being a Product Manager is, to be honest, a pretty strange job.”

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