OnePlus 5T — Unboxing Review

I’ve often w0ndered why an un-boxing holds so much appeal for myself and many others. In that same thought, I’ve considered why brands attend to so much detail in their packaging and presentation. I believe the purpose lies in the power of perception. Consider a friend you’ve made, and how the first impression of that person made an impact on how you viewed that person or related to that person as time went on. First impressions cast a positive outlook or a negative outlook, and through that lens we make our first judgements as we evaluate that person or product. With those thoughts in mind let’s talk about OnePlus and how successful they were in shaping my first impressions.

Queue the excitement.

Feeling the knife tip cut through that last piece tape, or popping the seal on the top folds of the box is a satisfying feeling. It was no different for me when I opened the box, knowing what was inside. Peering inside you’ll find a simple white box with the red OnePlus logo centered at the top, and a large but subtle digit, a “5” embossed on the center. Upon opening the box, you’ll find the main product, front and center with little extra room in the box to distract. The packaging is simple and to the point. No complaints yet.

Underneath the phone is a removable tray which when removed, reveals a: quick start guide, sim card removal tool, dash charger, USB-C cable, and a dark tinted, yet transparent silicone case. Throughout the entire package are consistent design choices that point back to OnePlus as a brand: minimal and simple font choice, clean lines, and sharp contrast between the familiar red and white. It’s not a mystery as to what you’re unboxing, and this is a good thing. Keeping the 5T front and center helps accomplish the goal of creating a positive first impression. The rest of the packaging plays it safe and relies mostly on the strong design of the 5T to create that positive first impression. So while there are no significant unboxing surprises, there are also no choices that detract from the 5T or OnePlus as a brand.

Well done OnePlus! I’ll be reviewing the 5T through a positive lens thanks to your presentation of the device. Stay tuned for more!