Six Months Ago, I did 7 Things to Reboot My Life.
Wil Wheaton

I’ve doing my best to reboot my life also:

  1. Do 10 sit ups every morning.
  2. Switching from Stephen King novels to a more diverse selection of authors.
  3. Cut back my writing schedule from four hours to two hours each day.
  4. Doing different things on different days. On Mon-Wed-Fri….I rewrite articles or do some other ‘’main’’ project like a screenplay. Tuesdays are for Poetry and Thursday is for Photography. Weekends are for rest.
  5. I’m a Kindle author and sales have declined this year. So instead of churning out books every so often…I haven’t released any books this year. And instead have slowly built my roster of poems to adapt into another collection of short stories. Last year…released a collected of poem adapted short stories entitled Sunshine and Ocean Waves. Earned a 4 Star Review on Amazon. A good number of my works have now received reviews on Amazon and Audible in the last year or two. Maybe this is is the right path to be on?
  6. Have entered a few novel and screenwriting contests. Quarterfinaled in one.
  7. Wrote my first original screenplay in a few years. Even wrote a rough draft in a notebook. Something I’ve done with books but never screenplays.