Discover how your web site or app stacks up against your industry.

You’ve hit the books on improving your web site — searching and segmenting your users and watching session replay after session replay. Powered by empathy-driving insights, you’ve reduced Rage Clicks with better design, discovered JavaScript errors and squashed bugs, and A/B tested pages, increasing conversions.

You’re on the right track…

Solving mobile-web-to-native-app mysteries, finding and fixing broken links, and understanding user behavior with FullStory.

Founded in 1998, AWeber is an email marketing platform that helps 100,000+ small businesses, email marketers, and entrepreneurs create and send emails to their customers and stakeholders.

We had a conversation with Joe Cotellese, Director of Product at AWeber, to talk about how he first found FullStory three years ago…

Meet the Segment Health Searchie and find average active time, session length, and events per session — all for a specific segment of users on your web site or app.

If you’ve ever wanted aggregate, trended “health” metrics for a given segment of your users, then look no further than the just-released Segment Health Searchie in FullStory.

Now you can get average active time, average session length, and average events per session on-the-fly for whatever subset of your users you…

Solving UX problems, going live with customer support, and finding the bugs that hurt Net Promoter Scores.

An in-app screenshot from the TravelPerk app, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel.

Today’s FullStory use-case comes from TravelPerk, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel, helping with price comparisons and centralizing invoicing and reporting (and can also be integrated with tools like Expensify).

Chris Roy, Lead User Experience Designer at TravelPerk, shared how his team…

Session replay helps remove friction in the UX — improving site navigation, reducing cart abandonment, and running experiments.

Our latest FullStories use-case comes from Farmstead, a same-day, farm-to-fridge grocery delivery service currently live in the Bay Area.

Farmstead, which operates as a subscription service, found that if shoppers would make that critical, first purchase, they were likely to stick around. There was only one big problem: potential customers…

Justin Owings

Chase a rabbit — find a labyrinth. Creator, FullStory-teller, Xoogler from the ATL.

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