When delivery is free, will ownership survive?
Seth Miller

Great article but we should be careful to not be to optimistic about the long term outcome of a full sharing economy. The potential exist to unburden everyone from ownership of many things that we require and we take for granted today. In an ideal world that would in free up capital for other more fulfilling pursuits. However there is the possibility that the effects could be very detrimental to society as a whole.

The physical items will still be owned by someone or some entity. Those entities that own the item will extract value from it by charging those that use the item. In essence we will have reinvented a form of feudalism with corporations, a sort of corporatocracy. Not everyone will find it appealing to imagine a world where a Prime membership is all you need and Amazon owns your shared car, apartment, furnishings, wardrobe, etc. and you just borrow it, with their permission and at their price, when you need it.

So yes, ownership will survive but it might not be individual ownership and it might not be the best ownership model for society. I see great prospects for the sharing model in some applications.

I cannot speak for everyone but personally, no matter how far the sharing economy advances, I will never subscribe to a “Spotify for underwear”

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