The Curious Omnipresence of 1
Lexie Ernst

Love the article as it really got me thinking… You make some really good points. When you wrote:

“However, it perplexes me that we seem to have one moon that orbits earth. I have one staircase in my house. I have one car to drive. I have one cell phone and one computer. If every single multiple of every single number is found in infinite numbers — at random — across every single (infinite) universes, how is it that we so often experience small, discrete numbers?”

The first thing which popped into my mind to explain this phenomena was ***conditional probability***. The probability that you have one car given you have one driveway is probably really high. Since the probability of owning an additional car is effected by the amount of driveways you own, you can say the probabilities are not independent…

Moreover, the probability that you have one driveway given you have one house is likely also related…

It may be sometimes hard to see, but the universe is filled with conditional probability everywhere…

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