Welcome to the first Scratch Track Change Log. We’ll detail all of our Scratch Track updates here on Medium as we roll out new features, so be sure to give us a follow to be the first to learn about what’s new with Scratch Track.

What’s new?

  • You can now move songs…

Scratch Track is a simple, yet powerful recording app made for recording, editing, and sharing song ideas with bandmates.

How Scratch Track works

Recording is super simple
We strive to make the recording experience simple and elegant because capturing a song idea doesn’t mean you should be required to learn complicated recording software.


A Better Way to Capture Song Ideas with Your iPhone

My main circle of friends is mainly comprised of people who play music, myself included. Since the introduction of the smartphone, my fellow bandmates and I have been capturing song ideas with sound recording apps like Voice Memo app (iPhone) and Voice Recorder app (Android). The process is always the…

Justin Renninger

Co-Founder of Scratch Track. Product Designer at Electronic Arts. Drummer of Super Unison.

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