Behind. 14 08 Sun.

I’m falling behind. I got a bit lazy over the weekend and now I’m playing catch up. This is the issue with writing daily, the moment you get behind, you’re always playing catch up. Today I’m going to try to catch up.

Sunday was relaxed. Had a slow easy pancake breakfast and walked the dog. Ash went to gym and I watched Olympic highlights with the dog. One of my new teammates, Boris, came by around 13h00 and we left for the hockey club. Played à training match against Victoria. We won fairly easily and there was a big difference in quality in the two teams. Sometimes those kinds of matches are necessary at the beginning of the season. I’ve still got lots I want to improve on before the first game, small things and big things. Sports keep you humble because you’re never quite comfortable with how good you are at any given moment.

The evening was really relaxed with the family and while we were out walking, we got a phone call with some amazing news, but more on that when the time is right. Watched more Olympic sport on TV in the evening. It’s going to be strange when the games are over in 5 days.

Then what?!


Befriending Cops. 14 08 Sun.
Baby Steps. 14 08 Sun.