Exciting Things. 04 08 Thurs.

Another (fairly) early morning with the pooch. He seems to be back to full health, which is a huge relief. He’s decided, however, to start leaving landmines all over the place. It all started so well, he had the hang of the newspaper and the training mats, but now it seems he’s rebelling because he’s had to start learning to be alone. Apparently, he’s not a fan.

Got my second rejection letter today, but with a silver lining this time. The recruiter said that unfortunately the position I had applied for had been filled, but asked whether there were any other positions at the company that I would be interested in. Had a look at the website and saw a few that looked interesting so I replied with the ones I was interested in. Let’s see where that leads. Had a quick skype catch up with Graham, who will henceforth be known as GLC, his more popular epithet. Graham had a great business career with Diageo plc and is now retired, but he is still active as guest lecturer at the Henley Business School. He mostly covers the topic of leadership, and he recently sent me some of his lectures to peruse. It’s great to get an insight into how the sharpest business minds handle leadership and building relationships. The first paper is all about relationships, in a personal and business sense, and how it is vital to maintain them. Once I’ve read through all his papers we’ll make a plan to chat again and discuss them a bit more.

This afternoon I met with Angela from Emerce. I can’t go into much detail as yet, but suffice it to say I’ve landed a pretty nice gig, early in October. The meeting was great and I think this first project with them might well lead to more opportunities in the future.

Training again this evening and we caught a bit of the end of summer heat. It was nice to train in the sun again and the feeling of getting fitter and stronger is one I welcome back fondly.

Came home to another nice dinner from Ash and we took Harv for a walk. Ash bought him some new toys which came along for the walk and I ended up with one of the toys tied around my foot so he would actually walk along after us and chase the toy. Progress. He’s absolutely shattered now though, lying next to me on the couch and twitching through some exciting puppy dreams.

The sun is started to set much sooner again. Bleak.


Up The Bucs. 04 08 Thurs.