Pride. 06 08 Sat.

Today was the Amsterdam pride parade. We didn’t go to the into the city to take part in the festivities this year, but this day always makes me feel proud to live in the world’s most liberal city. Love wins, and Amsterdam loves to celebrate love.

The start of the 2016 Olympics was another reason to feel proud. Despite the overwhelming disappointment of not actually being there, watching the matches today reminded me of how special the title of ‘Olympian’ is. Austin and Colette came through from Den Bosch and we went for lunch together, with Harvey in tow. From there we headed to our place to watch the first match. It was really great to see the two of them. It was strange watching a major tournament with Oz, since we’re usually there in the mix together. If we didn’t live on opposite ends of the Netherlands we’d definitely see each other more than just on the occasional weekend or hockey match. Teun came over later in the afternoon and we caught up with him a bit, which was cool because it’s been ages since we’ve hung out.

After dinner we took Harvey out for another walk, which ended up being more of a ‘carry’. Started watching The Italian Job in bed with Ash, but she’s fast asleep and we’re only 20 minutes in. Hopefully Harv will sleep a bit more tonight and not wake up at 5am with a burst of energy. We could both use the sleep.

More Olympic hockey tomorrow, and I’ll probably be glued to the couch.


Board Walks. 06 08 Sat.
Legend. 06 08 Sat.
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