Pup. 27 07 Wed.

World, meet Pup. He is the new addition to the family and until we come to a decision on his name (suggestions welcome), he will be simply be known as Pup. Pup is a fawn French Bulldog and is 9 weeks old today. We are so ridiculously stoked.

The decision to get a dog has been a long time coming. We have spoken about it basically since we moved in together, but we never quite knew what the long term plans were and if it was a smart move. Lately the conversation has been coming up a lot more, and on Sunday while we were at lunch with Kerri, she showed us a pic of a beautiful French Bulldog puppy she had seen in the Amsterdamse Bos and gave us the contact details of the breeder. I immediately looked at their site and saw that they had a little one available. I called the next day and they did indeed have a guy available, but there was a lot of interest. Ash and I spoke that night and decided that if we could go visit him and we had a good feeling, we would take the plunge. I called back the next day and was told that there was a family coming to see him that night, but if for any reason they didn’t take him, he would call and let me know. 10pm that night we got a call saying the family hadn’t taken him and we could come and visit if we wanted to. Today was that day. From the moment I woke up this morning, I’ve been in full dog mode. Online articles, YouTube videos, puppy training courses, I now know about it all. Ash could hardly contain her excitement. This evening, Kerri picked us up and we all drove through to visit the breeder. We were instantly sold. The breeder was great and incredibly informative, we spend a good few hours chatting and learning about the ins and outs of puppy training. And that was it. Pup was ours. Kerri came back to our place for pizza and we let the new kid find his way around. He’s still a little wobbly on his legs and runs slightly askew, but he’s got bags of character.

As I’m writing, he’s passed out on the couch next to me, breathing rapidly through his flat little nose.

Oh, the adventures we will have.


Pup. 27 07 Wed.