Rejection. 01 08 Mon.

New month. Starting on a Monday. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that’s cool. Got up at 05h30 to entertain the pup, felt like I got a jump on August.

Received my first ever rejection letter for a job application today. Stoked. It’s a great feeling because it’s done with. Applied for a copywriting position, put myself out there for something that was way above my qualifications but I liked the idea of it. Found myself eagerly checking my email every day, to see if there was word. Would have loved the job, I think, but unfortunately the 4 years of requisite experience was lacking. The rejection was the best thing that could have happened to me. Rejection will inevitably happen at some stage, it’s your choice how you deal with it. There will definitely be more, and I’ll already be prepped and ready to send off the next application.

Guess it’s probably also worth mentioning that I also got my first positive response. Got through to the second round and I will be completing a video interview this week. Yay. Progress.

Harvey is doing better, and he’s learning to sit. What a legend. Took him for a walk this evening, more of a carry though, he doesn’t seem too sure about the whole walking thing. He’ll learn.

August, welcome.


Harvey & Mom. 01 08 Mon.