Worse. 26 08 Fri.

Last week this time I was disappointed in myself. Strangely enough I managed to go another entire week without posting a daily bit of ramble. This time however, I’m not disappointed. Quite the contrary actually. It’s been a good, busy and productive week and by the time the evening comes around I have been more interested in spending time with Ash and Harvey, when I’m not off at training. What I have realised is that when I was posting daily I was physically having to search my brain for things to write about. Sometimes that was easy and others less so. I suppose that is kind of the point of writing something daily but it also leads to a large amount of drivel. Writing for the sake of writing. This project was always going to be somewhat fluid and constantly evolving and I’m happy that has happened because it is also teaching me to be more efficient with my time.

The week started with a meeting with Oliver at TIG Sports. TIG is a sports marketing company here in Amsterdam that was responsible for the hockey world cup in The Hague in 2014, a tournament I was fortunate enough to play in and I was seriously impressed by how well it ran. Oliver gave me some ideas of the sports marketing landscape in The Netherlands and provided me with some contacts and ideas for possible work. I mentioned that I was looking to do some volunteer based work to build up experience. He called me on Tuesday and asked if I would be interested in coming in and working a few days a week on a project for the ITU Triathlon Grand Finals 2017. I jumped at the opportunity and started on Wednesday. It has been strange to spend days in an office environment again but the people are great and I’m already learning a great deal, in an industry I would ultimately love to end up in.

It’s been ridiculously hot in Amsterdam this week and in the evenings Ash, Harv and I have been taking full advantage. We picnicked in the Erasmuspark on Wednesday and enjoyed an awesome Lebanese meal last night. The heat has made training pretty intense but it reminds me of sessions back in SA which is a welcome change from the usual freezing temperatures we train in here.

Today I was back at TIG and continuing with my project. Spoke to Lucas this morning, his little boy Pim and mom Lies are back home finally! What a little legend, I can’t wait to meet him! Spoke to Wade this morning about wedding plans. Shoh I’m excited! The day has gone quickly and I’m about to head to the club for a training game. The sun is shining brightly and it seems like the weekend is going to be a peach. Tomorrow should be great fun, some cool things on the agenda.

Sweet, good catch up. Chat again… Soon?


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