There Are 12 Different Types Of Influencer Marketing Content. Which One Best Suits Your Next Campaign?

Justin Rezvani
Aug 8, 2017 · 6 min read

When brands, companies, or even individuals with personal brands talk about running an “influencer marketing campaign,” they tend to think about it only in terms of audience size. They look for the biggest influencers, with the widest reach, and that’s about it.

Aside from the fact that there should be data supporting which influencers you choose to give your marketing dollars to, what’s equally important is understanding the kind of content you’re looking to create. For example: if you’re a fashion brand running an influencer marketing campaign and your goal is to create high-quality video content, then working with fashion influencers who take stunning photos probably isn’t the best idea. Why? Because while their photos might look incredible, you have no idea how their video content will perform, how they’ll act on camera, etc.

An influencer’s audience size is really only a piece of the puzzle — and it’s the content creation aspect (arguably the most important part) that gets glossed over. Brands and agencies make the mistake of thinking that if an influencer with 1 million followers posts anything, it will make an impact.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are all kinds of content types, and it’s important to understand which one will best suit the campaign you’re looking to run — and the results you’re looking to drive.

I am the founder of a mobile-first technology platform called theAmplify, which helps brands execute influencer marketing campaigns in real-time. These are the 12 content types we pay the most attention to — and why:

1. Short & Long Form

Some influencers can say a lot in just a few words — think punchy captions with cleverly placed emojis — and other influencers like to write out entire stories in multiple paragraphs. Know which sort of influencer you’re working with, and what their unique style is, so that you can suggest ways for them to share your branded story in a way that stays true to their own voice.

2. Episodic Content

Influencer marketing campaigns that stretch over long periods of time benefit heavily from episodic content. But there’s an art to executing episodic content. Each episode has to continue to carry an overarching storyline and branded arc. For example: we ran a campaign for the Season 2 premiere of Jane the Virgin, where influencers created a connected video series recapping each episode of Season 1. The first influencer shared their recap of Season 1’s Episode 1, and then mentioned the next influencer, who recapped Season 1’s Episode 2. This led all the way up to the Season 2 premiere, and had new audiences ready to dive into the next chapter of the story.

3. Professional Production Studio Content

One of the primary benefits of having production studios on site — whether at a particular event, brand headquarters, etc. — is the dramatic impact it can have on the quality of content produced. Production studios can be used for photoshoots, video sessions, or even utilized for scenes and content that require props and additional resources. Remember, content is everything when it comes to influencer marketing. When accessing the audience of a high-profile influencer, it’s important that you also invest in the content being produced to ensure the best possible result.

4. Virtual Reality

VR is still in its infancy in terms of influencer marketing, but it’s becoming a point of experimentation for forward-thinking marketers. What is cool about virtual reality’s potential within the influencer space is this idea of connecting people from anywhere in the world. We ran a VR campaign for Infiniti where we leveraged three automotive influencers to act as real-time correspondents at the Concours d’Elegance, showcasing the cars and Infiniti’s design process. Those VR experiences were then shared across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re looking to do something that stands out, get ahead of the curve with VR.

5. 360 Video

Also a new form of content creation, but one that has tons of potential is 360 video — and its ability to be paired with virtual reality. There are already some very cool 360 videos that show how the content type can provide for a multi-dimensional experience. For example: a MiG jet soaring through the stratosphere at over 1,000 mph.

6. Live Stream Video

Live streaming is a content form that’s extremely popular in the gaming scene, where influencers will hold live events sponsored by a brand — like Razor or NVIDIA. Live streaming has come a long way in the past few years, and sites like are proving that there is a huge demand for live content. With Facebook and Instagram Live too, live streams can be a great way to engage people over a long period of time, capitalizing on Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

7. Multi-City Road Trips

Never underestimate the power of a road trip. We ran a campaign for Lionsgate to drive ticket purchase intent for the film Dirty Grandpa, where we produced a custom road trip that ended with a fan screening — featuring the Internet’s favorite raunchy grandma, Baddie Winkle, and her granddaughter, Kennedy. The road trip took influencers with affinities in entertainment and comedy and had them attend the screening, encouraging their audiences to then watch the movie, too.

8. Screening Experiences

Another key way to drive awareness for new movies, TV shows, and even digital products and game releases, is to invite high-impact influencers to those screening and launch events — and have them act as content journalists. The more of the event they can capture and share on their social media pages, the better. However, one thing to note here: make sure you identify what sorts of content should appear as Stories, and what should be shown Live. Each has a purpose, and each should be intentional.

9. Live Festival Activations

Having influencers attend and capture their experiences at live events and festivals can be a great way to do two things: first, drive interest and attendance to an event (people go to see and meet their favorite influencers), and second, generate content that can then be repurposed for future events as marketing materials. We ran an influencer activation like this for Mazda at SXSW, with high-profile influencers in the automotive, music, and entertainment industries to act as Mazda ambassadors.

10. Social Photo & Video

I touched on this earlier, but it’s important to know what strengths each influencer has as a content creator. Are they better with photos or video? What is their preferred medium? The more you can allow an influencer to stay true to their native content type, the better. This is why you need to pinpoint whether you are looking to create photo content or video content, and then choose your influencers accordingly.

11. Account Takeovers

Snapchat really turned this tactic mainstream, with influencers “taking over” the accounts of big brands. A Takeover works by allowing an influencer to essentially run a branded social media account for a day, a week, however long you decide — you just have to let them run it like it’s their own. You can give them parameters, or encourage them to drive awareness for a certain product, but overall the whole point is for the influencer to “take the account over” and then encourage their own following to join them on that branded channel for a period of time.

12. Geo-Fenced Activations

And finally, geo-fenced influencer activations. These can be a powerful way for influencers to engage their followings and drive hyper-specific interest in a branded event. The reason is because most consumers today are staring at their phones anyway. They want to know what’s going on around them. So, without being intrusive, you can tap into this behavior by allowing them to engage with high-profile influencers and branded experiences that are in their area and relevant to their interests.

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