If you stay at a hotel with a 2.7 rating — what does that mean exactly?

Is that a hotel or a royal palace?
Clears that up.

What are some tell-tale signs that a motel is a 2.7?

  1. You aren’t staying at a new place. It’s going to be older. That comes with the territory. You aren’t going to get that new hotel smell. You really hope for no smells at all. Whatever was there when the place was built — it’s still there. No updates. No fresh paint. Dated artwork that wasn’t really artwork in the first place.
  2. The linens are changed regularly, but the sheets may be as old as the motel. Some staining may be noticable. Don’t look for it. Motels are dimly lit for a reason. Lots of people that aren’t you have had sex in that bed.
  3. You may have a dead cockroach, but it is dead. That’s good. And if he’s belly-up solo that’s even better. One dead cockroach is not an infestation. His dead body is a warning to others.




Writer, Teacher, Comedian…

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Justin Houston

Justin Houston

Writer, Teacher, Comedian…

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