Sip slowly, you euphoric madman!

You feel a certain euphoria when your back is against the wall.

It may just be a cuddlier form of madness.

I imagine an astronaut on a spacewalk, with the Earth pressed against his back, would understand. Or a gambler, down to his last chip, with misplaced hope that the next hand is the one he has been waiting on all along, could relate.

This euphoria keeps us laughing in the face of failure.

It acts as our semblance of control when we realize how tiny we truly are. We still have the right to wig out and laugh like a little girl.

When we face pressure and feel like we are ready to crack — the thing we fail to take into account — we are constantly hurtling forward. No matter what.

Tomorrow doesn’t care about today’s failure.

Things move forward anyway. Nothing can stop it. There is relief and comfort in that. Time really is the great equalizer.

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