The Bored Game of Life

When I was younger, I use to spend a lot of time thinking about life as a board game.

We look human enough down here, but from above we look a lot like a race car, thimble, top hat, or even a lonely shoe.

Somewhere up there, it could be a single mile or a million, a cosmic player rolls the dice for each of us.

Some of us are luckier than others. Some of us fly past ‘Go’ so often we take the two hundred bucks for granted. For others, one trip around the board feels like a lifetime.

I have been thinking about the board game metaphor today.

Wondering when I’ll get to pass ‘Go.’

How do you move forward? Why does it feel like some people always roll exactly what they need to?

I have been wondering lately if I have to be on this spot on the board until I appreciate the real estate.

I am left asking myself if I am grateful enough. Content enough. If nothing were to change would I embrace it and be happy.

Or am I someone that will always be, in some form or fashion, unhappy.

If only life were like a game.

I could be a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter-esque character (maybe even Double Dragons if you’re of a certain age) that has to reach a place in the game where they are truly grateful for their standing.

If they can manage that, they will reach enlightenment and advance to the next level.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo. Simple as that. Free mushrooms for everybody. 1UP.

I am trying to be grateful. Life isn’t a video game.

I only get this one life.