We should all short-arm it tomorrow

Rekindling that child-like spirit of “anything can happen.”

Sound advice.

Words of encouragement.

Heartfelt wisdom delivered at an opportune time.

Fathers are usually on one end of a spectrum.

Either you have a dad that delivers a constant stream of homespun “life is a box of chocolate” isms or you have a dad that dropped a pearl of wisdom bomb or two over the course of your life.

How does the daddysaurus pick up his baby? In the car line like everybody else.

I’m not sure my father was on either end of that spectrum, now that I think about it.

He wasn’t great at the pithy self-help quotes.

Although, I did appreciate the times we would find ourselves behind a slow car on the highway and we’d hear my dad say, “You need to shit or get off the pot.”

Valuable life lesson?

The funny thing is he would usually end up in front of the car he was complaining about and drive even slower. Unless it was an old Tennessee backroad in which case he always felt the need to test the car’s aerodynamics around horseshoe-shaped bends in the road.

Maybe you can recall great fatherly advice from your father. Or maybe your dad was so scared of screwing you up that he mostly left the whole “talking to you thing” to your mom.

Whatever the case may be, today is the day to think of your father and his astute guidance.

I should really write a book on the wide-ranging gems of terrible advice dads have handed out over the years.

Enjoy this great scene from Step Brothers and reflect on “losing your dinosaur.”

Actor Richard Jenkins with some great fatherly advice delivered in the heat of the moment.
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