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Up until now we have always known Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as being an online practise and something you do to your website. However, have you ever considered the idea of taking your SEO offline? It just may not be as crazy as you think. Let me explain.

By now I will assume my readers are familiar with SEO practices and its importance to their business and online success. However there is one important element to SEO that crosses the boundary from online to offline.

We’re all human

We know it’s important to to set up your website’s pages for search engines to find, understand, index and translate, but we should not forget that just as it is important for a search engine to be able to find your website, it is also important that a human using search engine technologies, regardless of technical ability and savvy-ness, be able to find your website.

Let me elaborate.

The elevator pitch

Let’s say you’re at a meeting and you are being introduced to people you have never met before and you don’t have any business cards to leave with them. Everyone is asking what you do and you have your ‘elevator pitch’ ready to go. Is your elevator pitch SEO optimised?

What do you mean? I hear you asking…

We do not inherently remember everything we’re told. So the people you meet won’t necessarily remember your elevator pitch, at least word for word. However they will remember things like keywords (the words you use to describe your business), or the type of business you’re in.

Let’s look at an example of an elevator pitch.

“I am founder and editor of a blog that provides resources and digital products to help businesses get online and become socially connected”.

I have highlighted here in bold the keywords your new found contact is likely to remember.

Getting your keywords Googled

The reason I have highlighted in bold the keywords above in the sample elevator pitch above is, if they match those of your website, then you are a big step closer to being successfully Googled after your face-to-face meeting.

All without using business card

In the example given here, I am assuming the person you met cannot remember exactly what you do but they do recall it had something to do with a blog, resources for business, getting online and socially connected. When the person you met goes online and searches for these keywords (and hopefully the nature of your business if they remember it), your website has a greater chance of showing up in their search results.

Think about what your elevator pitch is and how you can integrate some keywords from your website into it. Then, the next time you meet someone offline, maybe a potential client, the chances of them finding you online are greatly increased — all without having to hand out a business card or exchange contact details.

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