Why The Law of Attraction Makes You Unhappy


Dreams are shortcuts to what we don’t need

Dreams are not about the content. They are about your feelings. Dreams let us experience all the feelings we are chasing. And every dream has an end. Isn’t this irony funny? Not for everyone. Some people see dreams as guidelines for where to go in life, so they can experience the “real deal”.

Get rich or die trying

50 cent is a wise man. He knew, that because of its limitless nature, the universe can give you one of two things. Unlimited suffering or unlimited happiness. There will always be more things to achieve, so there’s always a new way to suffer.

Visualize yourself never visualizing again

I used to love the law of attraction. Also known as The Secret. I would carefully visualize having a little more than I already had. A little more money, a slightly better job or a bit more exotic travel destination. I was always scared of visualizing too much. As if I knew, that the bubble would burst if I expanded it too much. And it did. One day I sat down and imagined having EVERYTHING. Everything that ever has or ever will exist. Time, physics and the power of God, all in my possession. My mind said, “Now what?”



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Justin Saru

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I help people break down the matrix and live. Former Art Director. Now entrepreneur, writer and transformational coach at JustinSaru.com.