• Cait Gossert

    Cait Gossert

    Product Marketing Manager @Celmatix

  • Ivan Kuo

    Ivan Kuo

    Managing Editor of @GamificationCo and a personal space for #gamification. All views expressed here are my own.

  • Rebekah Rombom

    Rebekah Rombom

    General enthusiast. Making myself useful @FlatironSchool.

  • monapatel


    Builder, nurturer, driver and designer of my business and life. CEO and author, UX expert, professor, mentor, and contributor. Mommy and Yogi.

  • Vin Clancy

    Vin Clancy

    Author of “Secret Sauce: A step-by-step guide to growth hacking”. Founder of Magnific, Planet Ivy, Screen Robot.

  • Andy Saldaña

    Andy Saldaña

    Food and drink loving, recipe making, Tex-Mex guy in NY

  • Nick Woolf

    Nick Woolf

    @TuftsUniversity Alumnus | @NextJump’er | Former goalkeeper turned coach.

  • Craig Ettinger

    Craig Ettinger

    Work History: VP, Finance & Biz Dev, Condé Nast | CDO, Parade Media | founder, Josar Media, creator of @thetastebudapp | GM, TIME dotcom

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