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Nothing like one sided ‘takiyah’. The author states that Jews from arab countries suffer under European Jews leadership. He is quite silent about the civil wars among fakest0nians. He is also silent about why almost 1 million Jews from arabs countrties ended up in Israel; he fails to note that the arab countries engaged in ethnic cleansing of Jews.

The author fails to point out that arafat was born in Alexandria, before the Jewish state was established. abASS’ family came from damascus.

The author also fails to mention the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the west bank, gaza & e. Jerusalem when those areas were occupied by jordan and egypt. The author also falis to mention that these 2 countries occupied gaza & the w. bank as conquerers. He fails to menton that it was arabs who prevented the establishment of his state in 1948.

Of the 750,000 alleged refugees, 600,000 remained within the borders of the former British mandate as did the Jews who were expelled from the w. bank, gaza & E. Jerusalem.

Indeed, the author’s article could have been written for the ramallah operative’s taqiyah manual.

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