The story of our engagement

Standing on the roof of the beach house overlooking the Caribbean Sea, we watch a storm of lightning branch off in a dozen purple-blue directions through heavy, layered clouds. Each flash elicits an “oohh” or “ahhh” from our surrounding friends and in-between sky ignitions we smile, eager for the next. Next door our fellow vacationers are releasing paper lanterns lifted by single candles into the night sky that stretch out to form a line of warm glowing dots ascending into the darkness.

The scene is set most perfectly.

Stephe returns from downstairs a bit breathless and puts one hand on my shoulder while the other hand casually clutches something out of my sight. After a few more rounds of lightning and awe, the crowd of friends begins to file off the roof, leaving Stephe and I alone to watch the clashing heavens.

“I love you,” he begins. “And I want to continue to build our life together.”

Another streak of lightning surges over the sea.

“So…will you marry me?”

In the intermittent darkness I turn to him with an emerging laugh loaded in my throat, only to swallow it a second later when in a flash of light I see a box poised in his hand.

“You’re proposing?! For real?” I say while quickly reviewing my life calendar and noticing that engagement is not scheduled until mid-2015.

Stephe’s smile is sincere.

“Yes, of course,” I answer. “You totally surprised me!”

We kiss. We hug. I begin my 2 week existential crisis on the nature of love and relationships.

I take the silver ring and marvel at the fact Stephe has taken the initiative to procure and present a ring to me. Nine symbols are inscribed along the outside edge and as I study them Stephe tells me, “One is bear, another is lightning…I’m not sure what the others are but we will figure those out as we go along.”

The ring is perfect.

We embrace a few minutes longer as the lightning storm begins to fade and then descend from the roof an engaged couple.

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