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Neural networks trained on large amounts of data have led to incredible technological leaps affecting nearly every part of our lives.

These advances have come at a cost — namely the interpretability and explainability of data models. Corresponding with the complexity of the operation, the criteria for “choosing” a given output for an input becomes rather mysterious, leading some to refer to neural networks as a “black box” method.

Deep neural networks work so marvelously because they learn efficient representations of data, and they are intentionally constrained to capture complex, non-linear patterns in the data. The trade off of recognizing…

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How to download or copy a Google Sheet on Chrome

Google Sheets users are often frustrated by being unable to use certain features when a Spreadsheet is in “View only” or “Comment only” mode. The user cannot sort data by columns, or create filters, which can be a headache when looking at very large (>1000 rows) spreadsheets. The ability to copy a few sheets can save a lot of time for large projects.

To solve this, I created a Chrome Extension, Enable Spreadsheet Copy.

How do I add Enable Spreadsheet Copy?

To add Enable Spreadsheet Copy, you need to be using Google Chrome. Simply click here to download Enable Spreadsheet Copy:

Once you install the extension, open…

There are many extensions to Chrome which allow augmenting the Slack experience, but there wasn’t one that allowed me to contribute to the ongoing conversation with minimal effort.

In this case, I wanted to agree with many responses in a Slack channel without manually clicking all the reaction emojis. So I made a Chrome extension which does it for me.

How it works

Add keyboard shortcut to select all responses on Slack:

  • Install “Agreed” Chrome Extension by clicking “Add to Chrome”
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  • Allow access to your Slack Workspace so Agreed can work
  • Open your slack page and press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Y to agree…

Justin Shenk

Co-Founder / CTO VisioLab

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