Justin Sliney - Experience with Derivatives

Justin Sliney spent 17 years working with the Dutch banking firm Rabobank. He started as an assistant trader, helping senior traders manage their positions. After many years working with derivatives, he was promoted to Managing Director for the company. Sliney also traveled around the world for the company, helping grow the firm’s Latin American business. After Rabobank, Sliney worked as a regulatory consultant for smaller banks trying to understand the changing regulatory environment.

Justin Sliney has many years of experience working with derivatives on behalf of Rabobank. Derivatives are agreements that are based on their underlying assets, which can be bonds, stocks, currencies, interest rates, and market indexes. They are essentially contracts between two or more parties based on the underlying assets. They were originally used to reduce exchange rate volatility for international traders. They are now used widespread for hedging, insuring against a risk or volatility, and for speculating on the price of an asset. Sliney has helped many clients get the most out of their derivative trading operations throughout his career.

Justin Sliney worked for many clients on behalf of Rabobank. He helped many of them get secure proper derivative trades and investments. His extensive knowledge of international financial markets as well as the national market in the United States makes him a knowledgeable resource for financial institutions.

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