Justin Sliney — Learn a Foreign Language to Improve your Professional Life

Learning a second language can be beneficial for almost any professional. Justin Sliney is a banker who speaks conversational Spanish, Greek, German, and Swedish. During the course of his career, his linguistic skills have come in handy. He has been able to advance his career because of his language skills. He worked for Rabobank International for 17 years, and spent several of those years working in Latin America. If you are considering international banking, learning a second language is a great idea.

There are several benefits to being bilingual. People who speak two languages are able to pick up on new languages easier. They are also able to learn new words easily. Speaking two languages can improve the function of your brain and can improve your learning abilities. In this sense, learning two languages is ideal for any adult.

Being bilingual can be highly beneficial for professionals. Bankers or businessmen who work internationally may find that it is easier to work abroad if they speak multiple languages. Communication is often key in business and banking, being able to communicate with others without a translator can improve your business relations.

If you frequently work in another country, learning the language of that country can make your trips easier. If you speak the language, transportation will become easier. You will also be able to interact with the locals which will help your become more comfortable in the city. Justin Sliney loves learning languages and has discovered the professional conveniences of being multilingual.

Published By: Gary S