Justin Sliney - Three Ways Financial Technology Will Affect the Industry in 2016

Justin Sliney has worked in the international financial industry for over 20 years. He started at the Dutch financial institution Rabobank. He worked there for 17 years, first helping traders make the right moves with extensive research, then moving on to work as a trader himself and eventually became a Managing Director. Sliney left Rabobank in 2013 to consult with smaller banks. An essential part of his job in the financial industry was always staying on top of all new financial technology tools that could help him and his clients get the investment results they need. Here are the top three ways new financial technology will change the financial industry in 2016:

  • Better customer education. With improved avenues to important financial information, customers will have the ability to make better decisions on their own behalf. Justin Sliney has seen better-educated clients already.
  • Compliance help for financial institutions. Justin Sliney worked as a consultant for banks trying to navigate the new regulation following the market crash of 2008. There is already a larger emphasis on compliance with new federal rules than ever before.
  • More useful online payment systems. Many businesses every day are upgrading or implementing new online payment systems for their customers. As these online portals increase security, they will only further improve the customer experience.

Justin Sliney believes that all of these new financial technological abilities will affect the industry in a positive way, allowing for better transparency, security, and customer involvement. Sliney lives and works in New York City.

Published By : Gary S