Justin Sliney — What You Should Know About International Finance

Justin Sliney has worked in international finance for many years. He began his career with Rabobank International as an associate assistant trader. He worked his way up through the company and became a managing director. He was responsible for managing the bank’s derivatives trading book in the United States. He was also responsible for building the firm’s trading capabilities in Latin America. He has spent several months at a time in Mexico and Chile. There are several things you should know about international finance.

International finance is often linked to the economies of multiple countries. Building a career in this field may require a specific education. If you want to work in international finance, you may need to earn an undergraduate degree in international business. It may also be helpful to earn an advanced degree in business or finance. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) may provide you with the resources and tools you need to build a successful career on the international level.

It is also important to understand that international finance requires a unique skill set. Professionals who work in this industry may need to have language skills along with financial skills. This industry may require a strong understanding of international politics and relations as well. Building a career in this field may require years of study and hard work. Justin Sliney has experience in finance and he speaks conversational Spanish, Greek, Swedish, and German. He has spent years developing his knowledge and his skills in international business.

Published By Gary S