An Ibex Called Xander

There once was a ibex named Xander. He was always asking questions about his name. He asked his mother “Why did you name me Xander? We are Ibex and you named me Xander. Why the “”X” ?” Go ASK YOUR DAD! said his Mom.

So Xander went and found his Dad or “DaDa” as he called him. DaDa was drinking from a stream and watching the herd when Xander walked down to the water and said “DaDa? Why did you and Momma name me Xander? We are Ibex and I don’t understand why the “x” WITH MY NAME!!!” Mom said I should ask you!” )Then DaDa replied “I NAMED YOU! NOT your Momma!”. Xander was startled and jumped up the bank at the sound of DaDa’s LOUD voice! DaDa immediately said “I am so so sorry…son…please come down here to the water with me? Please son…” Xander reluctantly and slowly crept down to the stream and stood beside his DaDa. “Look across” DaDa said. “Okay” said Xander. “What am I looking for? DaDa?” said Xander. DaDa said “Tell me what you think you should see…My son?” Xander took a big long look at all of the wonders around him in such a beautiful world…and simply said “DaDa? I’m going to have to get back to you on that, when I’m old.” DaDa replied “Well anyway I named you that because I like the sound of it and because its sounds like the name of a Leader. I am responsible for our herd and hoped one day you would want to step into my hooves and prance up and take my place…It is your place son. Our Herd expects NO LESS!” Xander stood proudly against is father’s chest, rubbed his antlers against his DaDa’s antlers, and proudly announced “I’M PROUD OF MY NAME AND I AM MY FATHER’S SON!”

Dada asked Xander “Son, Do you still question your name?” Xander smelled the air, looked across the stream, and told DaDa “Nope, I Love MY NAME!”