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Want To Greatly Improve Minnesota?

MinnesotaNow Initiative

Minnesota is amazing in a lot of ways. We hold bragging rights because of our hockey, our microbrews, our technology & business powerhouses, and our toughness from winter. There are countless things that make Minnesota great!

I love this new nonprofit, and I’m helping promote them. They’re doing amazing things! To learn about everything they’re doing, go to their Launch Gala.

Being certain of Minnesota’s greatness, we see the bright future of our state. Minnesota, Now is the time to set ourselves up to be a national leader in all facets of society.

Minnesota will become a venture capital hotspot because the state’s business investment regulatory system has recently changed.

We will be an ideal place for new companies to launch with an abundance or seed capital financing.

We will become a place where owning a small business is more than just a lot of work. Entrepreneurs will become the newest celebrities of Minnesota.

Minnesota will be a nation-leading culture of diversity, inclusion, and equality, and it will close the gender and ethnicity gaps and barriers.

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Minnesota will be a state that continues to cultivate talent and great minds in its education system, and its culture will keep that talent local.

We will become an influential player in the national or international fashion scene, as our fashion industry is set up to thrive, with boutiques and designers already beginning to rally together.

MinnesotaNow exists to show that right now is the time for all of this. Greatness doesn’t happen passively. We need an intentional, grassroots effort to rally many communities and put Minnesota in the forefront of everyone’s mind when they think of greatness.

MinnesotaNow is leading this initiative in a way that is different from any other group. Find out how in the near future.

MinnesotaNow exists:

• To educate Minnesota about its potential

• To outline the path towards venture capital and entrepreneurial success

• To foster experiential education to close the gender and ethnicity gaps

• To prove to talent that Minnesota really is a happening state with endless opportunities

• To educate Minnesotans of their ability to be central in the national landscape

All of the future greatness is connected.

Together, we will make Minnesota a recognized leader in the small business and entrepreneurial landscape nationwide.