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Reyooz + Google : Now we’re cooking

Jan 16 · 1 min read

Yes, the mighty Google are our new best friends at Reyooz. It’s hard to describe just how fulfilling it is to witness so many great feel good stories, made possible by superstars like the folks at Google who decided to think differently about waste and work with Reyooz to make magic happen.

We’ve just shipped a truck load of catering equipment from the kitchens at the search giants London offices and given them to an amazing Social Bakery project, setup by the Midland Heart together with Claudia’s Kitchen UK, and the sight support charity Beacon

Hundreds of glasses, plates, pie tins, coffee cups and roasting tins will save the charity over £2,000 meaning they can invest more into their work with vulnerable groups, teaching them new skills and mentoring and in turn building their confidence.

For those of you who can’t live without the numbers this one small clearance saved £2,391, and almost half a tonne, of goods from going to landfill. It’s also saving around 650kg of embodied carbon which is about the same as driving a car for 25 hours non-stop.

If you’re of a mind you can even checkout the full inventory donated here


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