How Smarketing Aligns Your Sales & Marketing Team

Justin Theng
Sep 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Aberdeen Group found in a study that companies achieved 20% revenue growth when they aligned their sales and marketing teams. What’s the secret of those companies?

Although we can’t tell you exactly what they did as we don’t work in their companies, we do know that smarketing can help you align Sales and Marketing with relative ease. Here’s the rundown on how smarketing can align these two teams:

Unites Them Through the Same Goals

Smarketing unites your sales and marketing teams through the same goals. Usually the goals for each side revolve around increasing revenue. As the CMO of Mattersight wrote in an article on,

“Marketing and Sales have the same goal: increase revenue.”

Define a goal that works for both departments and let them know that they have the same goals. Their strategies, roles, and responsibilities differ in achieving those big goals, but both sides are essential for success.

Helps the Sales Team Rely on the Marketing Team

Another great strategy of smarketing is to link visitors and leads to sales quotas. This helps your sales team rely on the marketing team to generate leads. Marketing will feel a greater responsibility to deliver leads when they know Sales is depending on them. As you can tell, this strategy encourages teamwork and shows both sides they’re important.

Creates Transparency Between Sales and Marketing

Additionally, smarketing creates transparency between Sales and Marketing. A core strategy of smarketing is to keep the sales team updated about Marketing’s progress and the marketing team up-to-date with how the sales team is performing. This transparency allows both sides to have a better idea of where they stand and how they can improve. The CMO of Mattersight also pointed out the importance of transparency:

“It’s time for the two divisions to come together, make agreements on how each department can help the other and create a culture of honesty and transparency.”

Compensates Based on Shared Goals

Lastly, smarketing compensates Sales and Marketing based on shared goals instead of separate goals. This further pushes these teams to align because they’re striving for the same goals motivated by compensation.

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Smarketing is an effective way to align your sales and marketing teams that is easy to implement. Establish the same goals for both teams and compensate them on those goals. Maintain transparency on each side’s progress and contribution toward the goals. Connect visitors and leads goals to sales quotas, and you’re on your way to harmony between Sales and Marketing through smarketing.

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